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At Your Next Seven we believe in being real with our customers. So instead of some 10 minute demo with flying clocks and calendars telling you what you already know, that scheduling is a pain, we'll just give you the meat.

Here's an overview of what makes our employee scheduling the best and easiest to use.
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Build your employee schedule, in under a minute.
Pretty bold statement? We believe that once you're up and going with Your Next Seven it will take no time at all to build your weekly schedule. With the ease of use and amount of tools we give you for scheduling your employees, this is how:

Instant reporting while building your employee schedule.
We know you don't just care about when people are working. You want to know how much it's costing you, keep track of your projected sales, view your labor percentages. We've got your back on that. While you build your schedule, everything is automagically calculated.
Employee Scheduling Reports(click to view larger)

Add-ons, plugins, apps, whatever you want to call them. We've got them.
The one thing we boast over any other software is the ability to custom create Add-ons. In the age of customizing any smart phone, tablet or pc to fit your personal needs, why wouldn't you be able to do that with an employee scheduling software? We thought the same thing. In our Add-ons suite you can do anything from enable complete custom reporting, to adding phone numbers on your schedule. Here's our full current list of customization features:

  • Reports:
    Enter and view reports for your account including sales, expenses, labor costs and operating ratios. Reports includes graphical representation of all data.
  • Schedule Reporting:
    Show "Scheduled Labor", "Projected Sales" and "Labor Percentage" at the bottom of your schedule.
  • Phone Numbers on Schedule:
    This add-on simply adds phone numbers under the employee's name on your schedule for quick access.
  • Compressed Bar Graph Layout:
    Will lower the row height of the bar graph layout to allow you to view more employees without having to scroll the page.
  • Print Task Schedules:
    When viewing a schedule with "Task Layout", this will give you the option to print individual task schedules simply by clicking the task name.
  • Add Task to SMS Text:
    Adds the first three letters of an employee's task to the text message that goes out.
  • Custom Email / SMS:
    Insert additional information into the schedule email/sms alerts.
  • Add Break Times:
    Allow break time to be added to employee shifts. If added, the time will subtract from the employee's total working hours.
  • Open Shifts:
    Allow a manager to create open shifts on the schedule to be picked up by employees.
  • Hide Schedule Hours:
    When your employees login to view their schedule, this Add-on will remove the calculated hours next to their co-workers names.

- The best part of it all, we're always here for you. -

At Your Next Seven we take a rapid application development approach to our software. No idea what that means? In short, you have an idea or requirement. We get it done asap. No waiting years for the next release of our software to accommodate. We exist solely to make your online employee scheduling faster and easier than ever, and we stand by that commitment.

So, what next?
Sign up for our free 30 day trial or feel free to read through all of our detailed tour. There's a lot of information there, but if it helps you make an informed decision. It's there for your reading pleasure. We will take you section by section from the moment you log in to the software, starting with the Dashboard.