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The best place to start when creating a new message is pushing the button that says “New Message” either from your Dashboard or your Messages page. (We like to keep things intuitive.) It’s the features you want to know about. The features are something to behold for sure. Let’s break down that page section by section.New Employee Message

  1. This shows your name. You know, in case you forgot.
  2. Quick and easy sending options. Send a message instantly to all of the management and employees by clicking their respective checkboxes, or drill down to specific recipients by clicking “Select Employees”.
  3. Enter a subject line so the message content is easily recognized.
  4. Your message is what will be shown both in the “Messages” section and when the email is sent out. There is no limit to the amount of characters you can write.
  5. Easily copy your message to the optional SMS Text that will send to your employees. It automagically truncates your message to 140 characters.
  6. Optionally send out an SMS Text with your messages (up to 140 characters.) This can be the same or different than the original message written.
  7. Send it off! If the SMS section is filled out it will send an email and SMS to all of the employees tagged on the message. This will then create a message thread that employees can comment on. Ah… communication is great isn’t it?


Video Overview of New Message Options

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