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When you send your employee schedule out, your employees have the opportunity to release or swap shifts. This comes in handy when an employee is sick or if an employee would like to switch a day with a co-worker. Here’s how it works:
Employee Schedule Change Requests

  1. The first employee, Lisa, is sick and has a shift. She releases the shift online or through her smart phone.
  2. A SMS text and email goes out to all available employees letting them know a shift is available to pick up.
  3. The second employee, Seth, would like to pick up that shift. He logs in online or through his phone to pick it up.
  4. Finally, the manager receives notification that the shift has been picked up and is given the option to approve of decline the request.
  5. Once the shift swap has been approved, both parties are notified of the change and it’s instantly taken care of on the schedule.

Note: In addition to simply approving or declining the swap, the manager can quickly see:

  • If Seth is currently working that day and what hours.
  • If Seth picks up the shift, what that will put his hours at for the week.
  • The reason Lisa had to release her shift.

All of this is handled through a simple, intuitive widget for approving or declining employee schedule change requests right from your “Dashboard”.

Video Overview of Schedule Change Requests