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Making everything with your online scheduling experience as smooth as possible is our goal. When you first login to your “Dashboard”, along with a few other widgets, the quick links widget gives you three options:
Quick Links

  • New Employee Handout:
    Give this to your new employees to allow them to register for an account with your company on their own. This takes the headache of setting up new employees off of the manager and gives the employee an opportunity to set up their account details and familiarize themselves with the scheduling platform.
  • New Message:
    Your Next Seven’s¬†messaging platform allows you to send out both emails and SMS texts to some or all of your employees. This gives you instant communication with all of your employees with the click of a button.

    So, the next time the weather goes crazy, let your employees know what’s going on.

  • Configure Add-ons:
    Besides the online scheduling, communication and time you’ll save, we have decided to include a list of free Add-ons to personalize your scheduling experience. This isn’t a stagnant list either. Every time we receive feedback from our managers about a feature they would like to see in the software, we carefully consider their needs and either develop an Add-on for them or figure out a creative way to help them schedule how they like. So far we’ve developed a complete reports section, real-time schedule reporting, open shifts, and a slew of other customizations.

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